On the field….

Fields are always one of my favorite place for portrait pictures! The tender wheat,the fresh green color just make a cozy  background for this image.

On the field...



Special Family Portrait

We wanted something special to hang on our wall. A long time we were thinking to take a new family portrait about us. It was fun and long time front of the computer to make. It absolutely worth it! I love the result and now it is in my living room.

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Snow in Dublin

I love snow and I so enjoyed this couple of days. We had so muck fun in the parks and a lot of hot chocolate in the warm room front of the window.


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Christmas wish

It was the first time for her to see the Christmas windows in the city. The lights, the sparkle all like magic, Christmas magic.


Rugged Path – Easy Path

Life is full whit ups and downs. Which path do you choice? It easier to avoid the problems and turn around but most of the time we realize when it is too late what we really let go. Many times I am struggling and fighting whit myself what should I do.  No matter which path we choice end of the day it is only us. We learn, we change…



Baby session

Beautiful baby girl! I had a fantastic time whit her. She is sweet and cute and a real model!I wish all the best for her and her family!



Spring time



Country life

It is the hardest life what one can choice. Here is no day off or holidays. No sick call after  a long night…Every day no matter in sun or rain have to do the daily duties. But all this this people who we have met are so peaceful and happy. During our visit we learned here is no time: the sun rises in the morning and sets in the evening. You can forget a lot and appreciate every little moment.



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I am a big fun of animal. And as much I like take pictures about them as it is the hardest. They are not stopping and special not because there is a camera. Whit lot of patience and study about they behave one can take beautiful images.





We had an exceptional weather condition in Hungary during the last summer. We tried our best to keep the little people cool and fresh. All around the city we were able to find “steaming gates” . It is a fantastic idea for a hot day like that and special if one pipe is broken just like this was! Leaving everyone socking wet!




Everyone in the family as equally important. Dad, Mother, daughters and sons…time is flying faster than we can recognize today is yesterday already. In my photos I am looking for THE look, THE touch what says more than any word. Now I had the opportunity to catch some of this intimate moments between family members.





Deer in the forest

In Dublin city center is the largest enclosed park in any capital city. It gives home Dublin zoo, Victorian flower garden and many many deer! They are living here in big herd and do not take much from the people around.



Falcony Photo Session

I had a fantastic morning whit this beautiful owls and falcons! Fearless predators whit sharp talons, beautiful feathers but all whit they unique character.



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Ten little fingers, ten little toes one cute little nose…



Father’s Day

” Walk a little slower Daddy,

sad a child so small,

I am following in your footsteps, and I don’t want to fall….”



Maternity Session

Precious time. The beginning of a new life….special for mother, special for father.

Matternyity collage_2


It was a rainy day again…

Park collage 2


Family Photo Session

It was a rainy day so we decided to take the pictures inside our client’s home.